Molecor obtains Environmental Product Declaration for three of its most significant products

Molecor obtains the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for three of the most significant products within its wide range of PVC plastic solutions at the service of water: AR® Soundproof Evacuation System, TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings both in PVC-O, and the corrugated PVC Sewage System SANECOR®.

These volunteer certifications show the solid commitment to sustainability of the company and the evaluation of its activity impact on the of plastic pipes sector. They certify the accuracy of the information published by Molecor on these products in relation to their greenhouse emissions, energy consumption or use of resources, among other environmental parameters.

Molecor obtains the Environmental Product Declaration for three of its significant products

        SANECOR® EPD                                  TOM® and ecoFITTOM® EPD                                     AR® EPD

These Environmental Product Declarations, or ecolabel type III, have been developed according to EN ISO 14025 standard, the one which defines the requirements for this kind of ecolabels, and they have been alaborated based on the product Life Cycle Analysis of the product (LCA), according to ISO 14040 and ISO 14044 standards.

The LCA has been carried out from cradle to grave, which means, that it provides information about the environmental impact of these products from the extraction phase of raw material through the manufacturing, distribution, installation and use stages to their final disposal.

As Product Category Rules (PCR) EN 15804:2012 + A2:2019 standard has been applied “Sustainability in construction. Environmental product declarations. Basic product category rules for construction products". These PCR are defining, among others: the environmental parameters to report, the Life Cycle stages to be considered, the process to include on each stage, the necessary rules to calculate the inventory of Life Cycle, the impact evaluation and the comparability conditions between EPDs.

The evaluation of the LCA has been carried out through the SimaPro software, taking into account the emission factors of the Ecoinvent database in its most up-to-date version available at the time it was carried out.

AENOR has been the independent organism in charge of the validation, ensuring the reliability and the accuracy of the information provided by the company to evaluate the environmental performance of Molecor’s products. Similarly, as administrator, it has registered the EPDs on the Global EPD program, recognized inside the ECO Platform.

Through these ecolabels, Molecor pretends to impulse the edification and the construction of sustainable hydraulic infrastructures, highlighting the relevance of developing and verifying EPDs as the key instrument to reduce the environmental impact on the construction sector.