Check the location and information about your pipeline networks from your mobile phone with geoTOM®

The application developed by Molecor allows the creation of complete virtual layouts with the data of each of the pieces of a pipeline network. Download geoTOM® on IOS or Android to digitalize your water pipeline projects and facilitate their maintenance.

Start by creating a virtual map with the exact position of each piece and share it with other project members. The information included within the project is accessible anytime, anywhere to support everyone from the developer to the installer. This allows the flow of information and accelerates any maintenance work to increase the efficiency of the network, optimize preservation costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

To collect the necessary data, the application uses geopositioning technology that saves the exact location of each pipe and accessory installed. With this information, it creates a virtual layout that shows the entire water network through a satellite view and allows selecting each of its elements independently. The data that can be consulted range from the dimensions of the piece to the place and date of manufacture, among many others, and can be complemented with photographs of the installation or comments from the users.

The application is suitable for components of any manufacturer and material, but also has special compatibility with PVC-O TOM® pipes and ecoFITTOM® fittings. All the products in these ranges include a code with their information, which can be scanned using the phone's camera and is obtained from the M.E.S. (Manufacturing Execution System) process monitoring system with 4.0 connectivity for complete and immediate traceability without the need to add the data manually.

Innovation is one of the most important values of Molecor's identity and drives the company to create and adapt new ideas to reimagine the water piping sector. This has made it possible to develop more efficient, sustainable and durable pipes and fittings or to offer digital tools that facilitate installation and maintenance.

Check the location and information about your pipeline networks from your mobile phone with geoTOM®